Computer Maintenance Services

A regularly planned maintenance visit from AM Computer Services will ensure that your computer systems continue to run at full speed and security systems are current and effective. We feel strongly that regular maintenance and monitoring will prevent serious problems, improve the efficiency of your office, and lower overall costs.

We recommend that planned maintenance should be carried out monthly on each computer in your organization.

During our regular visits, we do a thorough check of the following items:

  • Clean dirt and debris from inside computers
  • Verify all Backup systems are functioning properly
  • Download and install operating system updates and patches
  • Update hardware drivers as required
  • Verify Java updates
  • Verify security software is up to date and functioning properly
  • Defragment hard drives as needed
  • Tune-up and optimize your computer speed

The cost of a maintenance plan depends on the quantity of computers in your organization. CONTACT US for a free, no obligation quote.