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We want to help you
through preventative care of your computers and other IT infrastructure.

Equipment often breaks when you donít keep it clean, and your computer is no exception.

Major computer manufacturers have been quoted as saying:
ĎOVER 50% of the money spent on computer repairs and replacement could be saved if companies would implement a regular preventive maintenance cleaning programí.

Our technicians clean the interior of your computers and printers to remove harmful dirt and debris from sensitive components. We also clean and disinfect the surfaces of other IT equipment including telephone systems, networking devices, POS terminals and more, to kill the bacteria that causes employee sickness which can spread fast on shared equipment.

What does your computer look like inside?

Reap the benefits of our services:

  • Reduced sickness (and employee satisfaction)
  • Increased productivity
  • Longer equipment life-span
  • Reduce repair costs and associated downtime
  • Enhance the professional image you’ve already established

We’ll come to your workplace when it’s convenient for you. Call AM Computer Services today to book your next cleaning appointment!

We offer on-site computer cleaning and maintenance services in Ontario from Bancroft to Peterborough, and to locations beyond by request.

Outside Ontario: and offer directories of computer cleaning professionals across Canada. Follow the links above to find a cleaning professional in your area.